Joint Declaration of the German Games Industry for More Diversity

Living diversity and valuing this diversity have a positive effect on society – we are convinced of this as a games industry.
Games overcome borders. More than 2.2 billion people worldwide play computer and video games together – regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, origin or religion. Diverse teams around the globe develop games together and we as the German games industry also stand for this great diversity. We want to enrich the lives of all people worldwide with our games. That is why we stand up for an open society and firmly reject any form of discrimination.

We stand for a games culture based on recognition and appreciation that respects individual identity and the resulting diversity. We stand up for an industry that is free of prejudice and discrimination, that treats all people respectfully and appreciatively – regardless of gender and gender identity, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, language, sexual orientation and identity.

We want to promote this great diversity to the best of our ability and jointly take advantage of the resulting opportunities. Because we know that we can only be economically successful if we ourselves actively contribute to a diverse and open society. As an employer, we are constantly on the lookout for the best talents worldwide. Gender equality and equal opportunities are fundamental for us. This is why we are committed to the active promotion of all groups and support equal rights for all sexes.

We will:

1. … stand up for diversity and promote role models.

2. … we live the values of diversity and applying them profitably in various teams and in our organisational structures.

3. … review personnel processes and adapt them where necessary so that competencies and talents can develop optimally.

4. … work for a qualitatively balanced, unbiased and stereotype-free representation of all people in the games industry.

5. … work for a climate in which there is no room for discrimination of any kind and in which conflicts can be addressed openly and resolved in partnership. We also carry these values into our communities. We firmly reject right-wing radicalism, extremism of any kind, hatred and group-focused enmity.

6. … actively campaign against harassment and abuse of power and commit to a working environment free of discrimination and fear.

7. … consciously consider all dimensions of diversity in our games, teams, publications and committees as well as in our events and strengthen them as role models.

8. … work towards ensuring that all sexes are taken into account and comparably remunerated when filling decision-relevant positions.



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Mark Bate

Markus Kamer

Markus Pfeffer

Markus Bedenk

Markus Schönell

Markus Meyer

Markus Köppe

Markus Windelen

Markus Wiemker

Markus Schwerdtel

Markus Zahl

Marten Stübing

Martin Steinicke

Martin Lorber

Martin Drescher

Martin Thiele-Schwez

Martin Puppe

Martin Reumund

Martin Ganteföhr

Martin Tugendhat

Martin Nerurkar

Martin Wisniowski

Martin Schneider

Martin Franz

Martin Dietrich

Martin Zuzek

Martin Fischer

Maryse Friebe

Mathew Varkki

Mathias Fischer

Mathias Neukam

Mathias Heinz

Matias Sanchez Elsner

Matt Nikutta

Matthias Vater

matthias mayr

Matthias Haan

Matthias Rigling

Matthias Tobler

Maurice Alain Hagelstein

Max Menge

Max Ritters

Max Felix Broda

Maxi Gräff

Maximilian Georg

Maximilian Steinhorst

Maximilian Hamstengel

Maximilian Weber

Maximilian Kiese

Maximilian Dehling

Maximilian Hamstengel

Maximilian Stein

Meike Müllensiefen

Melissa Perez Romero

Melita Halilovic

Micha Holzapfel

Michael Schade

Michael Rudolf

Michael Bittner

Michael Bhatty, Prof. Dr.

Michael Kister

Michael Hohl

Michael Blatz

Michael Baur

Michael Peirick

Michael Klier

Michael Möller

Michael Kluge

Michael Haenisch

Michael Wagner

Michael Uecker

Michael Buss

Michael Hebel

Michael Hengstmann

Michal Hejzner

Michel Wacker

Michele Rirsch

michelle zou

Michelle Seifert

Michelle Keller

Mick Prinz

Mike "RollifahrerMike" Rößler

Mirco Skrzipczyk

Mirjam Bendin

Mirjam Lang

Mirjam Bendin

Mischel Schmitt

Moritz Jahns

Moritz Biederbick

Moritz Albersmeyer

Nadine Monschau

Nadine Seibold

Natalie Denk

Natalie Kulessa

Nathalia Traxel

Nathalie Lechniak

Nick Alves

Nick Prühs

Nico Rausch

Nico Fuchs

Nicolas Chibac

Nicole Gransitzki

Nicole Stegmann

Nicole Drews

Nicole Schäfer

Niklas Rodenborn

Nikolaus Staudacher

Nils Ball

Nina Hobbensiefken

Nina Kiel

Noah Kathrein Pollack

Nora Neumann

Olaf Bleich

Oleg Fischer

Oliver Theobald

Oliver Stock

Oliver Kreiss

Oliver Hurt

Oliver Gugel

Oliver Beinroth

Pascal Wagner

Patric Götz

Patricia Heßler

Patricia Geiger

Patricia Hasler

Patrick Delius

Patrick Ollivier

Patrick Schölzel

Patrick Maier

patrick kartnaller

Patrick Schnorbus

Patrick Henschel

Patrick Eckardt

Patrik Wilkens

Paul Kandora

Paul Lawitzki

Paul Nasdalack

Paul Redetzky

Paul Schulze

Paul Stähr

Pavel Betke

Peter Bickhofe

Peter Züger

Peter Schumacher

Peter Färberböck

Philip Weiss

Philipp Senkbeil

Philipp Briel

Philipp Wohlfrom

Philipp Joch

Philipp Goecke

Philipp Krämer

Philipp Döschl

Philipp Schellbach

Philipp Kapusta

Philipp Hardt

Philipp Degasper

Philipp Weissbrodt

Philippe Hintzen

Phillipp Meesters

Prisca Rößle

Prof. Dr. Jan M. Boelmann

Rae Grimm

Rahel Demant

Rainer Sigl

Ralf Wirsing

Ralf Reichert

Ralf Adam

Ralph Bartsch

Ralph Stock

Rebecca Sunderbrink

Reinhard Liess

Reinier Goijvaerts

René Preuß

Rene Leck

Rene Charbonneau

René Baycek

Rene Nold

Reto Mertner

Riad Djemili

Richard Hörnig

Robert Driesnack

Robert Schulz

Robert Hoffmann

Robert Zillmer

Robert Schneider

Robert Bergmann

Roberto Rudeck

Robin Rottmann

Robin Krause

Robin Hartmann

Robin Mathesdorf

Robin Hentschel

Robin Victoria Hayn

Robson Olbertz

Roger Lewin

Roger Schoenberg

Rolf Schorn

Rolf F. Nohr

Roman Winkler

Roman Fuhrer

Ron Stoklas

Ronald Liebermann

Ronald Stolz

Ronny Wege

Ronny Burkersroda

Ruben La Biunda

Rüdiger Brandis

Ruth Lemmen

Sabiha Ghellal

Sabine Saeidy-Nory

Sabine Hoffmann

Sabine Lippok

Sabrina Auer

Sam Luckhardt

Samantha Schwickert

Sandro Odak

Sarah Stoffers

Sarah Klomp

Sarah Nolte

Sarah Gloeckler

Sarah Kronsteiner

Sarah Beyvers

Sarah-Lena Richter

Sascha Zhivkov

Sascha Vogel

Sascha Draheim

Sascha Perkuhn

Saskia Moes

Scarlett Fu

Sebastian Standke

Sebastian Obst

Sebastian Jantschke

Sebastian Steinbach

Sebastian Zechel

Sebastian Roß

Sebastian Möring

Sebastian Ossowski

Sebastian Weber

Sebastian Krause

Sebastian Kuschel

Sebastian Kreutz

Sebastian Rahmel

Sebastian Schwiddessen

Sebastian Bulas

Sebastian Koczwara

Sebastian Hollstein

Sebastian Connette

Seçkin Akgül

Serbay Sönmez

Sergej Klein

Sergio Henrique Lacerda Tavares

Shai Amoyal

Sierra Goldberg

Silent Bob

Silja Gülicher-Dütsch

Silvan Korupka

Simon Kratz

Simon Reinhardt

Simon Otten

Simon Pohl

Simon Fistrich

Simon David Lindemann

Simone Eckendorf

Simone Lackerbauer

Simone Kriglstein

Skiesy The

Skylar Noel Hein

Slawa Deisling

Slawa Deisling

Sonja Hawranke

Sonja Maja

Sophia Jelinek

Sophia Wallroth

Sophia Wallroth

Sreggan Kcuf

Staatsministerin Dorothee Bär, MdB

Stefan Marcinek

Stefan Sube

Stefan Finke

Stefan Schmidt

Stefan Lempradl, BSc.

Stefan Sturm

Stefan Bensch

Stefan Recht

Stefan Fischer

Stefan Heinrich Simond

Stefanie Neumaier

Stefanie Waschk

Steffen Ruwolt

Stella Delonge

Stephan Schüritz

Stephan Schindler

Stephan Schindler

Stephan Reichart

Stephan Schölzel

Stephan Winter

Stephan Steininger

Stephan Nestler

Steve Seguin

Susanne Braun

Susanne Bonn

Svea Ottemeier

Sven Voessing

Sven Ossenbrüggen

Sven Schmidt

Svenja Bhatty

Svenja Anhut


Tahsin Avci

Talea Sieckmann

Talita Rhein

Tamara Bischof

Tamara Kroll

Tanja Sporer

Tanja Prof. Dr. Witting

Tarek Elsherif

Tarek Suhr

Theresa Charif

Thilo Bayer

Thomas Hein

Thomas Dziewiszek

Thomas Raith

Thomas Zinnecker

Thomas Bedenk

Thomas Häuser

Thomas Rössig

Thomas Fischer

Thomas Fisher

Thomas Schreiber

Thomas Friedmann

Thomas Weber

Thomas Engelbert

Thomas Pfeiffer

Thorben Kohler

Thorsten Gehrhus

Thorsten Hamdorf

Thorsten Spinger

Thorsten Feldmann

Thorsten Unger

Thorsten Köchy

Tiffany Attali

Till Isenhuth

Tim Geyer

Tim Koenecke

Tim Schroeder

Timm Walter

Timo Maier

Timo Reinfrank

Timo Ruberg

Timo Ullmann

Timo Fitschen

Timo Schöber

Timothy Thee

Tobias Filthaus

Tobias Wolf

Tobias Kringe

Tobias Faust

Tobias Graff

Tobias Brocks

Tobias Kopka

Tobias Pregel

Tobias Gäckle-Brauchler

Tom van Slingerlandt

Tom Weber

Toni Weithas

Tristan Hantschel

Tristan Berger

Tukay Kantarli

Tung Nguyen-Khac

Uli Esch

Ulla Schmidt

Ulrich Wegenast

Ulrich Tausend

Utz Stauder

Uwe Engelhard

Vaclav Demling

Vanessa Emmert

Vanessa Heilmaier

Verena Heitzer

Veuve Noire

Viktoria Glaeser

Vincent Garbsch

virginia scholz

Vivian Just

Vivien Baguio

Volker Dorn

Wibke Stelzer-Daniels

Wiebke Scholz

Will Weber

Winfried Diekmann

wisam oidhs

Wladislav Sidorov

Wladislav Sidorov

Wolfgang Mletzko

Wolfgang Schmitz

Wolfgang Ebert

Wolfgang Hußmann

Writing Bull

Wulf Krueger

Yannic Tiemann

yannick lamprecht

Yannik Melzer

Yasmine Weber

Yoshua Woo

Yuri Folin

Yves Tanas

Yvonne Lukanowski

Zein Okko

Zeljko Kalinovic

Zhivko Bogdanov

Олег Мустаыаев